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Facial Skin Treatments…

Refreshing Enzyme Facial –
Gentle cleansing, massage and steam towel hydration followed by a fruit enzyme mask. $45

Trans4Mations Ultimate Facial – This therapeutic facial begins with a cleansing followed by a skin analysis, steam treatment, massage, mask w/ green tea/herbal eye packs, and moisturizing treatment. $75

Repechage Seaweed Facial - The Seaweed facial begins with a soothing massage with aromatherapy oil followed by C-Serum and a cooling and soothing fresh seaweed mask. Skin is clean, refreshed, healthy and vibrant. This concentrated seaweed serum is a multi-vitamin supplement for the skin. It is gently massaged into the skin to help speed-up cell regeneration, healing and restoring. Pure, fresh Europoean seaweed is applied to the facial skin to help rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically. $75

4 Layer Facial -
This facial incorporates enzymes, herbs, C-serum and a mineral mask to add hydration to dry skin types. This facial is recommended for clients with fine lines and wrinkles. $85

Infared Wrinkle Therapy - Specially designed RED and INFARED lights help reverse visible signs of aging, giving you a smoother, younger-looking complexion without painful surgery, peels or injections. $ 25 (repeated treatments are recommended for best results)

*Microdermabrasion – This treatment gently exfoliates the top layers of the skin by using diamond dust micro-crystals. Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tones. Includes steam towel treatment and moisturizing treatment. $75 

*To receive the maximum benefit from microdermabrasion, we recommend a series of 4 treatments to be scheduled with two weeks between each visit. The first and third treatments are recommended with one of our featured facials listed above.

Repechage Products Exclusive
Since 1980, Repêchage® has given women and men around the world a chance to regain the beautiful healthy skin they believed was lost forever. Repêchage® is a French word meaning "to rescue" or "a second chance." Our superlative line of targeted care products for the face and body is steeped in the age-old tradition of European skincare with a healthy dose of American ingenuity. The result is a line that includes products for intensive anti-aging, sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin conditions, anti-acne, intensive anti-cellulite, daily body care and hand and foot care. All products are based on the wonders of seaweed and the best botanicals the earth has to offer. Even our extensive make-up collections is based on seaweed. Discover for yourself why Repêchage is a second chance for healthy beautiful skin.

Full line of Repechage products available for sale.