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Massage Services…

Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage
– A classic massage that utilizes a sequence of soothing strokes to promote relaxation and balance. Light to moderate pressure is applied to enhance circulation and loosen tight muscles, while gentle stretching reduces tension.
30 minutes-$45
60 minutes-$75
90 minutes-$95

Warm Stone w/ Therapeutic Massage - Heated smoothed river stones are placed at special tension relieving areas and are used with light pressure and a circular massage technique to create a very relaxing experience. $105

Spa/Body Treatments… Exfoliation Salt Glow – A full body exfoliation using sea salts to shed dull and dry skin, while gently infusing the body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. $85

Body Polish – A full body cleanse and a vigorous rub utilizing aloe and vitamin moisturizers to refresh and refine skin texture. $65

Body Polish and Self-Tanner – The above treatment with the addition of coffee bean extracts and self-acting bronzers to help recondition the skin for maximum tanning results. $75

Mud/Herbal/Detox Body Wraps – Great for detoxification and remineralizing your body. Warm mud or herbal botanicals are painted on the skin, wrapped with cellophane and cocooned in warm towels and thermal blankets. $85 [Detox Wrap uses fusion and single note oils w/o cellophane]

Back Mud Facial –
This treatment begins with an exfoliation cleansing followed by a light massage, a balancing mask and hydrating emollients. $65

Raindrop Detox Therapy - This treatment begins with a light brushing of the skin, followed by herbal detoxification oils applied in a raindrop fashion over the back. Pressure points over meridian lines along the spine are gently massaged. Hot steamed towels and a thermal blanket cover the back. A therapeutic moist heat pad is placed over the top. $65